Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photo Post

Here are some of Cohen's photos from a shoot done in late June!

Go Ducks! :)

We didn't make him eat the hay... he just eats everything.

I'm photoshopped out. I was holding him here.

Little farmer boy just like his GPaw.

lacking is an understatement

Oh, blog.
I've been slightly lacking in the blog department. Which is what all of my blog posts are about, lol.
Between school (over now! holla!) and work and buying a house (we bought a house!) and trying to get my toos h in shape (and let's face it, I get on the forum too much) I haven't written in fo'evaaaa.

What's new?
The last time I posted Cohen had just turned 6 months. He is now 8 months (& 2 days!).
At his 6 month check up he weighed in at 17 lbs 9 oz (48th %) and he was 28.3 inches (94th %) ... still tall and skinny :)

He sits up like a pro and plays with this toys, he rolls over to get something, he's days away from crawling (he'll do the inch worm crawl if he really wants something) and his bottom 2 teeth have finally joined us. Well, the tops of them have.

I wish I could say he's sleeping through the night, but every night is different. Some nights he sleeps 7-5 then has a bottle and sleeps until 7. Those are good nights. Other nights (not quite as often) he'll be up at 2 or 3. I'm assuming his teeth are bothering him.

He loves eating. He's tried a lot of different foods. I've been making his baby food. Right now we're slowly introducing some finger foods. He's eaten a graham cracker, a banana, and a slice of peach all by himself. And some puffs and "crunch grahams" from the baby aisle at Target.

We're also trying to work with the sippy cup, but he just gnaws on it instead of actually drinking from it. He'll get there eventually (I hope).

With the sometimes warm weather kind of here, Cohen has played in his baby pool a few times. He's not as crazy as I expected him to be. He has more fun in the tub. I'm thinking that's because he's so subdued outside. Whenever he's really upset, we take him outside and he calms right down. He just becomes very calm. He loves the breeze on his face. Goofy kid.

We took our first trip last week. He did spectacular on the plane rides, both there and back. In fact, he did better than I did on the way there. We had so much go wrong with planes and delays and storms. We arrived in Atlanta 11 hours later than we were supposed to. That's 20 hours him and I were up, either on a plane or in an airport. That's way too long. Somehow he was fine though. He slept when he wanted to sleep and ate his food and looked around. He kept me exhausted but I was just happy with how well he did. We had a great time visiting my best friend Laura in Alabama. I didn't want to leave her. I only see her once, maybe twice, a year.

Tonight he is staying the night with G'Maw Dee. It will be my 2nd night away from him. The last time he stayed the night there, he was 3 months old and we went to visit some friends. Tonight it's just because his sleeping has been rough (he's still readjusting from our trip, I believe) and I have to open at work tomorrow. I have to get up at 5, and considering last night I was up at 1, 3:15, and 4, my mom thought she'd do me a favor and take him for the night. I'm looking forward to a good night's rest, and maybe an ice cream date with my hubby :)

Here are some pictures of my manzanita. So big!

Playing in his pool :)

Wearing Daddy's shoes.

His first 4th of July!

My little family on the 4th!

Gonna make a run for it.

Cohen & his Auntie LaLa (My best friend Laura) & me!