Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm the worst blogger. Ever.

It's been over a month since I've posted. This blog is becoming just like my many journals that I've decided I'm going to "write in and keep up with to look back in" and never go longer than a few weeks. Oh well, I will post all of the crazy updates that have happened.

2 days after my last post, Cohen hit 5 months old. He is now 6 months and 2 days, lol. He is a different baby! He now eats oatmeal, bananas, butternut squash, peaches, apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Tomorrow he gets to try green beans! I've been waiting to do a few of the greens because of his acid reflux. Pedi suggested waiting until 6 months because green beans have soy in them which I guess can be worse for the A.R. His favorite is definitely apples. He sits unassisted now! Usually for no more than 5 minutes, but I know any day now he will stay sitting like he's been doing it forever. That's how all of his milestones usually show up. He tries to blow raspberries... try being a key word here. He does a goofy little thing with his mouth, it's the cutest thing! I'll post a video.

He also found his feet and likes to put them in his mouth... ew. He kicks around and splashes like a crazy kid in the bath. I think he will love the pool/beach this summer. He babbles and coos a lot and laughs at everything. I'm so lucky he is such a happy baby! He discovered he can actually bounce when he's in his jumperoo and he goes CRAZY in it. I mean I swear he's going to fly out of that thing. He grabs onto one of the boys like they're handlebars and just bounces his life away.

 Just last night we started "ferberzing" Cohen to ditch the swaddle. We've tried everything else and he started flipping over onto his tummy while swaddled which is not okay, so we did progressive waiting. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It was hard, as I knew it would be, and I was exhausted all night and the entire day today. He went down at 8 and only cried for 3 minutes before falling asleep. He was up 2 hours later, I fed him a little bit, he fell asleep before he even hit the 3 minute mark, but was up 2 hours later. That's when I woke up Darren to help, but I guess Cohen was overtired because Darren was up with him for an hour. I tried to get some sleep but couldn't while listening to Cohen cry. Darren fed him a little bit, burped him, then put him down and went in at 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and he was asleep before he reached 7 minutes and slept for almost 5 hours. So that's progress. Today's first nap was good, but he barely napped the entire day so I guess the day time will be worse. He was still a happy camper even with no naps! But it's 9:50 PM now and he went to bed without a peep at 8:15 with no swaddle or binky (double bonus!) so we'll see how tonight goes.

We had a great Easter, he got spoiled of course. His grandmas have enjoyed watching him even more because he's so much fun at this age. The weather has finally started getting nice and Cohen gets a walk in his stroller almost every day! I bought a lightweight stroller that I love! I can throw it in the back of the car and take it in MIL's or my mom's so Cohen can get walks in with them. It'll come in handy in July when we take our visit airplane ride to Alabama! We are going to visit my best friend in the entire world which is so exciting to me. Flying with Cohen while he's 8 months old will be interesting, but I think we'll be okay. It will be worth it: 5 days in hot weather with my best friend. We're thinking we might go down to Destin, FL to enjoy the beach while we're there. Lots of baby sunblock!

Mother's day was great--I got some flowers for the yard and a picture collage of pictures of my sweet baby. I got to spend the day with Darren and Cohen, then with my parents for a bit, and then with the in-laws for a bit. Perfect day!

We got some family photos done which I am so happy with! They were 100% free by a family friend! I feel so blessed. It was a sunny day, we had a bbq, shot some photos, Cohen took a nap, we shot some more... the day ended up being perfect! I'll post a few of them. We're getting some more of Cohen in a few weeks at a picture party with lots of fun little props since he'll be sitting up really well at this point. It'll be by the same photographer who did his newborn photos that I am obsessed with. I need to print the new pics and frame them all over the house:):)

Well, I've got less than a month of school left and then I'll have so much less stress in my life! I'm so excited. Maybe I will start blogging more when school is over... hm, we'll see :)

new pics: