Friday, January 27, 2012

picta post.

22 weeks! / 5 months! holla!

tree across driveway... not cool.

The cutest kid you'll ever meet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

let there be light.

"Oh look at me, I'm going to update all the time!!!1!"
But wait, I have an excuse. Last wednesday, at 4:30am we heard a loud, scary banging & then our power went out. We were already awake thanks to Cohen, who I'm guessing heard the first loud sound minutes earlier. Darren looked outside the window & just yells a medley of things in panic. I hear "explosion", "fire", "tree", "sparks". I'm obvs in hysterics & I call 911. Darren went down to see that 2 trees had fallen, 1 blocking (TRAPPING) us in the house. The other had completely ripped our powerlines out. Hours go by & nobody has come. I took it upon myself to call PUD (as the 911 operator said she would), & we weren't even on dispatch. Awesome. So after sitting in our freezing house for 5 hours, we bundle up & trek over a ditch to our neighbor's house. Food & warmth! We then spend a few hours with our friends Jared & Mallory before going home at 4:30 in the afternoon & PUD shows up an hour or so later. They cut down the tree & tell us they can't do much about our lines & to call an electrician. WAHHH. We stay at my ILs & the next day we find out its pretty bad, were looking at a week or so. :(

I hate to sound selfish or ungrateful, I know it could be a lot worse. But this past week BLEW. Cohen didn't sleep as well as usual, & would wake up at 6:30 for the day (not his norm). We didn't have any of our food but didn't have much room to fill up with groceries if we were to buy them. The tiny area for him to play wasn't as babyproofed as our house so I had to get off my lazy bum & chase him around It was rough on Darren & I not to have much alone time. Even just to talk about our day & cuddle like we usually do at the end of the day. Living out of a suitcase is not for me (or my 1 year old for that matter).

Fast forward a week, & were home. My car is toast for a week or more (stoopid) but I can't think about that right now. We just got power last night. We have no TV or internet, tho. So I'm pretty bored. Cohen & I have been playing a lot of silly games. Once he goes down for his nap ill be working on a few things for the nursery. Its almost done!! Just some curtains to make, a crib mattress to buy, & a few little crafts to finish. I'm excited!

I'm 22 weeks (& 2 days) but I feel closer to 30 weeks. The baby moves & kicks much more than Cohen did at this point. I'm showing now--I'd post a pic if I wasn't on my phone. Oh well.

Okay time to entertain my kid. Peace out girl scouts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can't get the new nursery off of my brain!

When I was pregnant with Cohen, I never looked up nurseries. I looked up baby names, car seats, strollers, etc. I never really thought about his nursery, and before I had a chance, my mom said she wanted to do it while I was away at the weekend. I told her I wanted brown and green, and maybe some monkey things, and she delivered. I really loved how it turned out.

Then came Pinterest, and I started seeing nursery photos everywhere. I started pinning left and right, getting little ideas in my head. Now here we are, not a week after finding out I'm having a boy, and I've got the paint chips picked out, a crib, and painter's taped up on the wall. We're working on refurbing a dresser that I got on Craigslist that will be his dresser/changing table. I've got tons of cute DIY crafts bookmarked that I'm going to add to his nursery. Here are just a few things I'll be doing:

I'm going to make a yarn ball chandeleir in one corner of his room.

I'm going to add a collage of fabric covered sewing loops. How easy!

& I want to add an ABC wall. Ideally I would use individual letters and paint them each different colors/patterns, all in different fonts. But that's a lot of holes in the wall. SO, I found this awesome decal on Etsy. I can customize the size and colors. I can even have her cut each letter individually or have it all as one (and I'm thinking I'll have it as one).

I have no "theme" but I know want to do use a light blue/grey wall and white furniture. I plan use a lot of pops of color throughout the room with the fabric loops, yarn balls, a rug, crib sheets and blankets, etc. I'm ready to get this DONE.... even though I'm not due for 4 more months :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello? Is anyone alive out there?

Why do I bother with a blog? "Oh, it'll be so fun to look back on! I'll update every week! Blahblahblah" ::gag::

Every single one of my posts is me saying "Oh, shit, I suck at blogging." Nothing's changed there. But, I'm going to try. I shall try for 2012, I shall try for my sake-to have these old entries to look back on, and I shall try for the new baby!

So since I last updated in July.. We bought our house, we moved in, I redecorated, we had an awesome summer of beach trips and fun parties, and then on my 21st birthday, I saw a "positive" on the routine pregnancy test that I take generally every couple months. I had taken at least 5 so far that year, each when Aunt Flo hid from me. I was still breastfeeding up until late July, so I knew why I was never regular. Well, low and behold, not 2 months after weaning, I am knocked up. HOLY BALLS I am fertile.

I don't recall my midwife every saying, "Hey this birth control pill is safe for breastfeeding, BUT NOT SAFE FOR YOUR UTERUS IF YOU STOP BREASTFEEDING." But apparently, that's the case. She basically laughed and said, "Yeah you should have switched to a different pill after weaning."

Um. Okay. How's about putting that in red font on the BCP package? I mean, really?

It's all good, though. It's sunk in now, and it's all joyous and stuff. Well, mostly. It's been an easy breezy (beautiful!) pregnancy, just as it was with Cohen. The first trimester was like this:  Wah wah, boo hoo, I'm exhausted and hormonal,  and I hate you, Darren! The second trimester hast been like this: I'm tired, no I'm not, I'm tired, no I'm not. And only a smidge of mean hormones in there. Also, I'm a bottomless pit and I want to eat any and everything. I don't actually think it's the pregnancy doing that to me, I think it's my mind thinking it's okay to eat like that.

Anyway, last week we found out we're having another boy. I knew it all along. I could just tell. My ILs and parents (and husband) were all slightly disappointed. I can't say that I wasn't either. A little girl would have been amazing. BUT with an 18 month age difference, I think I like the same sex sib set. When the baby is a little older, the boys will share the big room upstairs, and they can share clothes, and toys. Maybe in 6 years or something we will have another baby, and I'll get my little girl, and we'll be best friends since my boys will be 8 and 6 and think they're too cool for me.

So we found out on Sept 20th. What else happened since then? Oh, gee, idk the light of my life turning 1!

Cohen's birthday was Nov 19 and we had an amazing Oregon Ducks birthday party for him. He got some awesome presents, and even though he was fighting off his first cold, he really had a fun time. I loved planning the party and can't wait to plan more fun kiddie parties for the next few years.

Laura (my best friend!) came to visit for 5ish days. It was so nice having her here with me during the day. Adult conversation is priceless. We had a great time, and I was a sobbing mess when she left. I pink puffy heart her. She's my other half <3

We had a splendid holiday season! Christmas Eve with the Cooks, and Christmas Day with the Clines. New Years Eve we did nothing special, but we talked about some fun new traditions we want to start, that the kiddos will sure to love (when they're a few years older).

Also new on the homefront: I got into nursing school!!!1!!!1!! I was so excited, I cried my face off. I didn't think I'd get in. I didn't study for the TEAS (placement exam) as much as I should have. But, I got in and I will either be starting in September or January. I'm hoping January, then the baby will be 6 months old, and Cohen will be a little over 2. That will be FUN [codeword for overwhelming].

Other than all that junk, I've just been working part time, and being my awesome self. Doing yoga, eating a lot, watching too much TV, and having a lot of fun with my crazy baby... I mean.. toddler :[

So see you in another 6 months?


I'll leave you with some photos:
Front view of our first house! Bad lighting.

Back view

Me & my babe. August.

Meeting the beach. September.
Halloween. Me and my parrot. He started walking like a pro around this time.

Our new puppy Juno.

CAKE! Happy Birthday, Cohen!

So happy to have Auntie Lala visiting!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

About 17 weeks with Baby #2. I will be 20 weeks this Tuesday!