Sunday, April 17, 2011

updates & pics!

Not much has actually happened since I last posted, aside from school, school, and school. Yet somehow it seems Cohen has changed dramatically in the last few days. Although he's been batting/trying to touch things for a while now, he's really mastered reaching out and touching things. I can no longer take a drink while holding him because he goes right for it. We've also tried avocados and peaches since I last posted. I didn't want to add in any fruits until we mastered the vegetables, but Cohen's Grandma put a peach in his mesh feeder, and since I didn't want to feed him anything else for a few days (to watch for reactions) I just fed him some pureed peaches and he really loved them. Butternut squash is next on our list. He's really attentive to Tucker Pug now and every time he walks by he reaches out to pet him. Once he grabs a hold of Tucker's fur/skin he is all over him. He even tries to put the handful of Tuck's skin in his mouth (as everything else that comes into his grasp). He's still sleeping well, but still dependent on the swaddle and the bink. I'm thinking another month and we try modified Ferber to break him of it; at least of the swaddle. He gets out of the that thing every night, and is so upset after busting out of it. I don't know what else to do. He's been holding his own bottle, usually for the majority of his whole feeding time, but only when there's 4 or less oz. in it. I'm still pretty proud of him, though!

School sucks :[ It's not all that stressful, and I surprisingly find Microbiology to be easier than the Anatomy classes. I'm also taking an Allied Health class that's so easy it's boring. It's just the scheduling that is stressing me out. I went from working 20 hours a week, to working 20 hours a week + going to class 10 or so hours a week. Plus the time in between school and work means more time away from Cohen. Pumping has been a nightmare, but I'm still pulling through. I hope to at least EP until C is 6 months old, but I just realized that's only another month, so maybe I will make it to 8 months.

Cloth diapering is still going great! I officially love Best Bottoms! The interchangeable inserts and reuseable covers are just too easy, and I can use my prefolds inside the covers too. I'm also loving the Working Horse diapers from Green Moutain Diapers. They're basically fitted prefolds that require a cover. We've been using Pockets at night and he's had a few leaks, but only when I didn't make sure the inserts weren't bunches around his legs.

My mom has been so helpful through all of this, and she's going a little crazy with the spending. She comes over on Mondays and Wednesdays to watch Cohen. While he's napping she will do all of my laundry and prepare a dinner for me. She makes my life so much easier. She decided I needed new pots and pans because mine aren't a set so she went out and bought me a brand new set. She also said she doesn't like my heavy dishes, so I should pick out a Corningware pattern and she will buy me a set. Wtf? A couple months ago I mentioned the high chair we were getting Cohen, and she shows up at my house with it, as well as a new jumperoo and some clothes for him. Yesterday she found some swaddleme's in size L which I was just going to order on Amazon, so she bought 2 of them, some new bibs, some Ella's Kitchen and Revolution Foods squeezable baby food, some washing soda and borax (I mentioned how I've been making my own cleaning products) and some "Guilt-free" tortilla chips from Trader Joe's. She just hands me bags of stuff! She's crazy, I tell you. Of course I appreciate it, but I feel guilty. She already has Cohen for basically 15-18 hours a week, without pay, and she spoils us both. What would we do without her? I also can't forget about MIL, she watches Cohen on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 4 hours each day, and she's been great about buying stuff to keep at her house so Cohen is comfortable. She bought a great Chicco pack and play, some toys, a baby crack machine (the Homedics Soundspa, which my mom always bought for her house), and a jumperoo for Cohen while he's there. I feel really blessed and lucky to have all of this support.

Now onto the cute boy:

Holding his Ba.

New Tye-Dye Happy Heiny's!

Trying to grab the mobile :)

Already getting into trouble! He would have pulled out the whole roll if I let him.

Lovin on my boy.

My guys

Shoe shopping with Dad. 

Crackin' up.


  1. I LOVE baby Cohen!! He's such a cutie :) Dominick is also infatuated with our pug Zeek. He watches him every time he's around and always reaches out his hand to touch his face. He laughs when Zeek licks his hand. They're both crazy. Way to keep up the pumping. You are awesome!!

  2. Dang! Sounds like you've got it made! haha jealous!! It is nice though to have all that help!! Your baby is soo stinkin' cute too! Love his little diaper covers!