Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oslo Ryan is here.

We welcomed Oslo Ryan ten days ago; he came at 3:58 AM on 5/20, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz [the same as Cohen at birth] and was 21 inches long [half an inch longer than Cohen was]. It seems crazy! He was just in my belly and here we are ten days later, settled into a nice routine, exhausted but overjoyed. Cohen was confused at first; he cried when he heard Oslo cry. But he's already adjusted really well, and aside from him not understanding that some things have to wait until Mama finishes feeding the baby, his days haven't been too different.

It was so wonderful laboring and delivering at my midwife's birth center. Such a better experience than the hospital with Cohen. It was a quick labor and delivery [I will post my birth story soon] and we got to be home not 3 hours later after having him. It was nice to get settled in at home and catch up on some sleep. 

Darren spent the first week at home with us [aside from a few half days during the week, when GMaw & Aunt Mandee came to help out]. With the three day weekend that gave us 9 days with Darren at home. Cohen was thrilled. He got to spend so much quality time with his Dad that week, he loved every minute of it. Yesterday was my first day alone with the boys, and it wasn't bad at all. It's already 2 o'clock here and today hasn't been too shabby either. The nice weather helps--we spend a lot of time in the yard, even with Oslo on my boob, lol. 

Os nurses much better than Cohen did at this age. His sleep is as expected: 2-3 hour stretches in between feedings. I'm not worried about it, I know he'll sleep long some day :] For now I'm enjoying our quiet time in the middle of the night, since we don't get many private nursing sessions during the day. It's nice to snuggle him and talk to him in the quiet of the night. 

He's due to eat any minute, so I'll leave with a few photos and post my birth story in the next few days.

A few hours old.

4 days old.

Cohen wanting to pick him his baby brother.

Daddy trying to give Oslo a binky. No dice, he doesn't like them.

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