Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day.

Tomorrow is Father's day; Darren's first one with his two boys! It's been a whirlwind of a month. Os is almost a month old and it's all going by so fast. I'm feeling exhausted, overjoyed, in love, and stressed. We are still trying to get a routine down. Oslo is a terrible sleeper, and I wouldn't expect anything else from a 4 week old. He is eating really well, though. Cohen was terrible at nursing so I'm so grateful Os and I can have that bond and have it go so well.

 I have been a SAHM to two boys under two for 3 weeks now and it's been interesting. My days are so structured yet all over the place. That makes no sense. I have a routine for the day, although that depends on the crazy boys that run the house. As soon as I get Oslo down after his first morning feed (anywhere from 6-8 AM), I try my best to sit on the couch with my cup of coffee and breakfast before Cohen is up. Some mornings I get to enjoy the alone time for half an hour, some mornings just 5 minutes ;) Once Cohen is up, it's a usual day--breakfast, toys, puzzles, running around. He sometimes struggles while I nurse Os, so I try my best to sit on the floor with him in the playroom. We read books, sort shapes, work on shapes and colors, etc. He will throw a fit when he doesn't get the attention he wants, which causes me so much stress and guilt. He has to get used to it and learn to get over it, though. As soon as O is asleep, I spend all of my time with Cohen, usually outside in the beautiful Summer sun, in hopes he will get sick of me by the time Oslo wakes up again :) At this point we are still using freezer meals from my stocked freezer, so I don't have to worry about getting dinner cooked or anything. Cohen's nap time is my favorite time of the day--relaxation! If Oslo is up we enjoy the alone time snuggling on the couch. Most mornings they both sleep so I get to watch my shows, fold some laundry, and eat lunch. I enjoy the quiet time more than I ever have before.

I'm so lucky to have Darren. He has stepped up as a father and has impressed me so much. As soon as he is home, he takes Cohen outside to burn some energy. They go on nature walks and go explore the river across from our house. While they are out Oslo and I go through his bedtime routine and I attempt to get him down. Then I can at least start picking up the house and then we get Cohen down for bed. Os is usually up before then, as he likes to take his sweet time getting down for the night. Sigh, the joys of newborns :)
Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband, best friend, and better half <3

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