Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can't get the new nursery off of my brain!

When I was pregnant with Cohen, I never looked up nurseries. I looked up baby names, car seats, strollers, etc. I never really thought about his nursery, and before I had a chance, my mom said she wanted to do it while I was away at the weekend. I told her I wanted brown and green, and maybe some monkey things, and she delivered. I really loved how it turned out.

Then came Pinterest, and I started seeing nursery photos everywhere. I started pinning left and right, getting little ideas in my head. Now here we are, not a week after finding out I'm having a boy, and I've got the paint chips picked out, a crib, and painter's taped up on the wall. We're working on refurbing a dresser that I got on Craigslist that will be his dresser/changing table. I've got tons of cute DIY crafts bookmarked that I'm going to add to his nursery. Here are just a few things I'll be doing:

I'm going to make a yarn ball chandeleir in one corner of his room.

I'm going to add a collage of fabric covered sewing loops. How easy!

& I want to add an ABC wall. Ideally I would use individual letters and paint them each different colors/patterns, all in different fonts. But that's a lot of holes in the wall. SO, I found this awesome decal on Etsy. I can customize the size and colors. I can even have her cut each letter individually or have it all as one (and I'm thinking I'll have it as one).

I have no "theme" but I know want to do use a light blue/grey wall and white furniture. I plan use a lot of pops of color throughout the room with the fabric loops, yarn balls, a rug, crib sheets and blankets, etc. I'm ready to get this DONE.... even though I'm not due for 4 more months :)

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