Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An update on crap.

Seeing as it's been a bit since I updated, and my last post was a tad negative, I shall post about some new stuff. Well, not so much new. Just about life. Today is Cohen's last day with his cast. We could not be happier. He doesn't seem to mind it too much, but I still hate seeing it on him. I can't wait for him to be back to normal. I have become a giant. I'm 27+weeks, and I look like I did when I was about 30 weeks with Cohen. I have an appt tonight with my midwife and I'm so glad. I've been having contractions so often. Too often for my comfort level. If I'm on my feet too long, they start coming and I have to sit down. I know I need to rest more often, but I can't. I'm constantly feeling the need to clean, chase Cohen around so he can burn some energy, organize stuff, and of course work on that damn nursery ;) 

I can't wait to reveal the baby's room it looks awesome so far. The curtains will be up Friday and then I just have to put a wall decal up and take photos of the finished product. I will give you one sneak peak, just because it's an adorable project I did with some fabric and embroidery loops: 

Cohen had his 15 month appt on Monday. He weighs 25 lbs and is around 33inches tall. He had 4 shots and screamed his little head off. It made me a very sad :(( He's doing great otherwise. He's running around and climbing, and his babbling has been insane. His speech isn't exactly where we want it to be. It's on the early side to be worrying according to his doc, but for my peace of mind we're going to have a quick eval done at the progress center. She seems to think he's such a busy body and so energetic, that he doesn't seem to care enough to stop and communicate. He'd rather just get what he wants on his own. I can definitely see that. 

What else is new? A few pinterest projects! Darren built me a pallet shelf (build isn't the right word). It looks beautiful!

I made this little display with scrapbook paper, mod podge, and some black&white photos on canvases. It looks so much better in person... but I really love it. Pinterest is taking ova my lyfe !!!!

I'd certainly like there to be more to update on but there isn't. Same ole' same ole' going on here! 

Here's me at 27 weeks

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