Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birth plan typed out from Cohen's L&D. Need to revise for this time around.

This birth plan is intended to express the preferences and desires we have for the birth of our baby.  It is not intended as a script.  We fully realize that situations may arise such that our plan cannot and should not be followed. However, we hope that barring any excruciating circumstances, you will be able to guide us toward the birth experience we desire.
If procedures or medications are proposed, we ask that you discuss them with us and suggest alternative therapies and comfort measures so that we can make well-informed decisions.
Labor and Birth
We respectfully request that there be as little intervention as possible unless an emergency arises.  This includes: routine IV (will remain hydrated with water and ice chips), use of medications for pain or labor augmentation, frequent vaginal exams (no more than one an hour). We request external fetal monitoring only as required by the condition of the baby; we prefer use of the fetoscope. We would like to have the freedom of motion and a free choice of laboring positions, particularly in the second stage.
We would like to avoid a routine episiotomy; Massage and hot compress requested before one is suggested. If deemed necessary, we would like to try for a pressure episiotomy when the baby's head is crowning.
Post birth
We would like to breastfeed our baby as soon as he is born. We kindly request that the cord not be clamped or cut before it has stopped pulsating. We plan that the baby be breastfed exclusively, so we kindly request that no bottles, pacifiers, etc be given to him.
We prefer a spontaneous delivery of placenta or encouraged with breast stimulation and nursing the baby.
Contingency Plans
C-Section: We want to discuss any problems and the associated risks unless there is a medical emergency.  If we require a C-section, we want the father to be present unless there is an emergency.  We would like to use an epidural anesthesia rather than general unless there is an emergency. We prefer that the anesthesia take effect before the catheter is inserted before the surgery begins.  We would like to hold the baby after delivery if he doesn't need immediate medical attention.
Ill Baby: If complications arise with the baby, we would like to remain as involved in his care as possible.  If possible, we still want to hold and nurse the baby as soon after delivery as is reasonable.

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