Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 month stats

I'm a little late on this. But Cohen had his 4 month appt. on Wednesday the 23rd. It went really well. He gained 3 lbs. and grew 3 in. since his 2 month appt. He weighs 14 lbs. and 11 oz. (in the 46th percentile) and he is 26.2 in. long (in the 93rd percentile). So I have a tall, skinny bean pole. Just like his Daddy :] He had to get more vaccines, which sucks, but he did alright. There were just 2. He was smiling at me and the nurse who was sweet talkin' him. I saw the needle go in out of the corner of my eye, and his face went red. He didn't even make any sounds, but his mouth was open, and tears were falling. Then the scream came out with the second poke. It was SO sad! He knows how to make me cry. Luckily he calmed down quick and I got him home fast so he could nap it off. The pedi cleared us for solids. In fact she encouraged it. She couldn't believe how much Cohen eats. But if he's hungry, I feed him! He usually has a 7-8 oz. bottle of breast milk every 3 hours. He usually eats once in 10 hours through the night. We tried some brown rice cereal, and he was definitely intrigued, but not used to it. We added a little bit of sweet potato to the rice cereal and I think he got maybe 2 bites out of it. We'll try again in a few days or a week. In the meanwhile here are some cute pics of him being a big boy in his high chair :)

The unwelcome 4 month wakeful is still residing in our house. It's only been a week or maybe a little more, but I'm so tired of it. I hope it doesn't last much longer. I guess it could be worse-he's usually up one or two times a night, and then really early in the morning, you could call that another wake-up. He's hard to settle down in the early morning, he just wants to get up and play. But I know at 5 AM, he still needs his sleep so I usually rock him or let him chat himself back to sleep. I just sleep in to make up the sleep, but I open 3 days this week, and leaving the house at 5 AM, as opposed to waking up at 9 AM, is going to be a bit of a change for me. Luckily, it's just 3 days.

What else is new? Well, Cohen found his voice... or, his squealer I should say. He will shriek and squeal the day away.

He's still napping really well; falling asleep on his own and sleeping 1-2 hours. He's also been doing a lot better if we skip a nap, which is only when we're out of the house. He doesn't sleep great in the car, so I used to rush to get errands done during his wake time. Nowadays he'll stay pretty content if there's something new to look at (like in the grocery store or in a restaurant) so I can get out a little bit more on my days off. We put him in his Johnny Jump-Up today! He really liked it. He didn't jump before he spit up all over it, but he'll get the hang of it soon :)

My back is completely strained. I'm guessing from leaning over his crib all the time, and bending over to pick him up. And for some stupid reason I sit on the floor while I pump. I've moved my pump station to the loveseat, and I've been rotating ice and heat on my back. It's a dull ache that just radiates between my shoulder blades and it's been driving me crazy. It makes me such a lazy bum.

I ordered my Jillian Drawers cloth diaper trial a few days ago, and I'm so excited to get it! I will post pics of his fluffy bottom when I get them. Nothing else is new... school starts April 5th and I'm truly dreading it. It's still rainy here, although the sun peaks out for an hour or two everyday. I'm so read for sunshine everyday!
That's all for now :)


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