Thursday, March 10, 2011

The first blog entry

I decided to start a blog.. a mom blog. Cohen is usually the only thing on my mind. I want to talk about him, and tell everyone everything he is doing. I try not to constantly Facebook about him, but it can be hard. I think I will enjoy looking back and reading these entries when Cohen is a big boy, so I can remember what it was like as a new mom.

3 months and 3 weeks ago my little prince was born, but it really does feel like yesterday. Why does he change so much? I wish I could freeze time, and press play whenever I wanted to. He's so big now-he rolls over, hangs out on his tummy, and smiles at everything. We've even heard quite a few giggles from the boy.

Just 10 days ago I was at the end of a terrible week. Cohen didn't want to sleep in his crib, and he didn't want to stay asleep for more than 3 hours at night. He only napped in swing, and had to be rocked into a deep sleep before being set in his crib. Fast forward a few days, and for 8 days straight now he has been sleeping in his crib all night. Not only that, he's been napping in his crib, AND falling asleep on his own. His stretches of sleep have even been longer. For a few nights he surprised me with 9-12 hours straight. For the last few nights he sleeps 7-8 hours, has a bottle, and does another 3-4 more. Falling asleep on his own has been the best part, though. I was doing a lot of research on Ferber, assuming that when Cohen was old enough we would have to give it a shot. I was scared I would be rocking/swinging my baby to sleep for the first year of his life. I can't believe how much extra time I have during the days and evenings since I don't have to rock him for 20 minutes. He now goes down as soon as he gets sleepy, watches his projection show, and falls asleep. I'm so proud.

Next on the list: taking away the binky. That's a whole other issue. I keep hearing about different times to ditch it, and different ways. Luckily he only uses it to sleep. If he was one of those kiddos who had in his mouth all day, I'd be looking at a rougher time. Hopefully in a few weeks, when we get the clear to start some solids, taking away the binky will be easier than I'm expecting. Probably not though... I foresee some rough nights in my future. Go figure it will be happening around the time I start school again. Oh, the joys :)

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