Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Paddy's day and a happy Friday.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day, and while we didn't really celebrate, our little Irishman did have a presh little outfit for the day!

We had a really good day at home on this day, followed by a fun evening at K & B's house. We enjoyed pizza and drinks, and Cohen was a really happy camper and took a little nap while we were there. He was so sleepy when we left that I figured he would sleep in the car. I figured wrong. He was a fuss monster so there I was in the Safeway parking lot feeding my little one in the back seat of a truck. He fussed a little more and finally fell asleep about 10 minutes before we got home. He was a giddy little fool when I was getting him ready for bed, but he was down about 9:30-a little late for him-and slept until 7:30.

9:30-7:30 ... doesn't that sound like a beautiful 10 hours. Um, wrong. Cohen actually did pretty well, he only woke up for that damn binky at 3:30 and 4:30. Darren and I, however, had a terrible night. Mostly because of this little stink:

Oh, Tucker pug. How I love you. My first baby. But last night, was just BS. 
Tucker began the night by barking at every little sound. He's like that during the day, but he normally knows it's bedtime and to just STFU so we can all go to sleep. Then he was so indecisive all night. He'd go under the covers, then come back out, then go back underneath. Urghh it was annoying! Then, just as I'm so happily falling asleep, he started "ferociously" barking at something. It scared me... I wondered if somebody was in the house. But as usual, it was just him hearing things. I probably shouldn't put all of the blame on poor little Tuck. Darren was being so dramatic about not being able to sleep. He, too, was in and out of bed, thrashing the covers off of him because "it's too hot!" or "Tucker, stop scratching all night!" Blahblahblah. He got up and went out into the living room, then woke me up (accidentally, but still) when he got back in bed. Then he angrily got up and went into the spare room, opening and closing the door so loud! That was around 3:30 and I know he had to get up at 6 or so. I feel bad for him, but I honestly think he worked himself into a frenzy, so obviously it was difficult to get back to sleep.

Oh well, even with a bad night of sleep, I had a good Friday. Cohen and I played and during his naps, I dinked around on the internet, made lunch, did some laundry, and drank probably 2 cups off coffee (oops). Then my mom arrived with oodles of goodies-she bought new baby monitors because the Sony ones we have just randomly stopped working. She bought a little jumperoo toy. Even though Cohen already has one, this one is much more petite and he fits into his nicely vs. the huge Baby Einstein one we have, which he can use when he's a bit older. She also bought Cohen the Fisher Price Spacesave high chair. Well, okay, that is more for me. Cohen will be 4 months old tomorrow, and contingent upon his pedi appt, I think we're going to start him on some rice cereal soon! I left for work and according to GMaw, she and Cohen had a great day :)

Now it's 10:15 and I'm sleepy, waiting for Darren to get home. He foolishly decided to go out on a job today, and now he's working late. He hasn't been home past 6 in months... not since we've had little manzanita (<-current nickname for Cohen). I'm tired, but I can't fall asleep until he calls me to tell me he's alright. Cohen is fast asleep in his crib, and I wish I could crawl in there and snuggle with him. I know if I picked him up he'd wake up, so I will leave him be.

That's all for now :) 

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