Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby items & my thoughts on them.

Cohen has so much stuff! We have a pretty good sized house and it is being taken over by all of Cohen's "necessities". I was thinking about it today, and baby items must be one of the biggest markets out there. I know I took forever deciding what brands of things to get him. I spent so much time reading reviews, comparing prices, and considering future use. I decided to post all of his stuff and write my own little reviews about them.

First off, the items that took me longest to decide on, were his car seat & stroller. We got the Baby Trend car seat, in Phantom, and the jogger stroller to go with it.
I really wanted a jogger because I do a lot of light jogging, and where we live, most of our walks will be on gravel or on the beach. I figured the rubber wheels would be more sensible than a regular stroller. I will consider getting a lightweight umbrella stroller when the weather is nicer and I will actually need it. I really love the jogger, though. Although it's a little bulky, it's not that heavy, and it's easy to fold up and out. I've used it for jogging a couple times (although I am supposed to weight until Cohen is 6 months old). It was just a light, slow, jog and I really liked it. I'm not the biggest fan of the car seat. It's a little heavier than some of the others, and it doesn't seem to bode well with Cohen's long body. He is 26.5 inches tall and his feet are already almost over the edge. We will move him to a convertible car seat as soon as he's probably about 6 months. I also tend to carry his carrier in the crease my elbow, like a bag, kind of like the pic below. The triangle top on this car seat handle doesn't really conform on my arm well, although I've heard it's great  for those who carry the car seat with their hand. Anyway, I think next time we'll get a Chicco travel system, or maybe even spring for a Peg Perego.

Luckily I don't carry Cohen's car seat too often because we bought the Chicco Infant Carrier. At first, I wanted a sling because they seem easier to get on and off and easier to get baby in and out of it. I bought the Balboa Baby ring sling. Cohen and I both hated it. So when I took it back to BRU, I decided I would get a Baby Bjorn. When looking at the carriers, I saw the Chicco one, and I've heard such great things about Chicco products, and it was about 40 dollars cheaper than the Bjorn, so I went for it. Darren and I both really like it. Cohen can face in or out, and it's not too difficult getting him in and out of it. We've used this item a lot, and I really love it! I would die without it when we go grocery shopping or on long walks because Cohen isn't a big fan of his car seat.

Next on the "took-forever-to-decide" list is Cohen's swing. It's a swing! How hard could it be to decide? But I wanted something with a subtle color so that we could use it for baby #2, and for some reason I insisted on it matching the bouncer we got. So I found these at Target and really liked them. My favorite thing about the swing is that it can it can go both. You just never know, your baby may have a preference! I've heard from some moms that their baby liked swinging one way and not the other. Cohen doesn't mind which way, but maybe the next one will. Anyway, we got the Bright Starts Ingenuity bouncer and swing in "Bella Vista" ... I love both items. The swing was a complete lifesaver for the first 3 months of Cohen's life. He slept in it more than he did anywhere else. The batteries last a pretty good amount of time, considering how often we used it. The bouncer is an automatic bouncer which was great when Cohen was a teeny fella, that bounce put him to sleep a lot, and it has nature sounds and lullabies, just as the swing does. The batteries lasted a decent amount in this as well. Both have timers for 30, 45, and 60 minutes. Both are easy to clean and they're really cute for being a unisex pattern. I'm glad we have both items for the next baby.

There are some items we haven't got much use out of but are scattered about our house. We have the Baby Einstein Jumperoo. It is big and has a lot of fun little activities on it, and it makes noise. Baby loves that. Cohen has sat in it and talked to a few of the toys but he isn't quite to the jumping phase yet. Although a little big, this jumperoo is easy to take apart and store. Right now we have it in between our spare bed and desk in our guest room because once taken apart, it only need a narrow space to store it.

He also has the Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby exersaucer, because apparently the jumperoo just wasn't enough, lol! Well, his GMaw bought him this, and he fits in it a little better than the jumperoo. It was easy to put together, it is light weight, and easy to clean. Cohen can almost touch the bottom to bounce, and I know once he can reach it, he will love this thing. 

The last item I'm reviewing today is the Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair. I really love this because it just snaps onto a chair we already have in the dining room. This way we don't have to have another infamous baby item taking up a bunch of space. This comes in a few different patterns to choose from, and we got a unisex one just in case we have a little lady in the future. So far, I really like this. It seems sturdy when fastened onto the chair, and Cohen is safe and secure when we have him buckled in. We have pushed him up to the table with us while we eat, and he really likes it. The tray is easily removed. The fabric cover comes off easily to be machine washed. It was easy to assemble. It can recline for a smaller baby, and be more upright for someone Cohen's age or older. The base also extends a little higher to it can fit the height of your table. The best part is it it can later be used as a booster seat for when Cohen is a little older. Who doesn't love a 2-in-1?

These are just a few of the way too many items that Cohen brought a long with him. :] We can't forget his play mat, bumbo, and all of the other little items that we "couldn't live without" ... Luckily, once you get all of this stuff, if you take care of it, you can have it for the next one!

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